News Flash
  • Ministry of Interior has decided to renew MoUs with all the registered INGOs at one time period of the year. It is informed that deadline for year 2020 for all the INGOs to apply for renewal of their MoU is 31st January, 2020, irrespective of the date of expiry.
    No request for renewal of the MoU will be entertained after 31-01-2020, and the INGO concerned will be responsible for not renewal of the MoU because of not following the deadline. The deadline to apply for renewal of the MoU will be same each year (i.e. 31st January). INGOs should not wait for any notice from Ministry of Interior.
Important Notices
  • The Government of Pakistan accords importance to the role and contribution of INGOs in support of its socio economic policies and programs. In 2015, the Government of Pakistan put togather a policy framework to streamline and facilitate the work of INGOs in the country. As part of this framework, all INGOs present in Pakistan or desirous of operating in Pakistan are required to register themselves with the Ministry of Interior by signing MoU.
  • Attention all INGOs! You must register with the Ministry of Interior within 10 days or your will be stopped from operating in Pakistan.
  • All INGOs are hereby directed to have their annual financial audits done from any one of the approved audit firms of Category (A) & (B) available on the official website of the State Bank of Pakistan. The cost of audit shall be borne by the respective INGO.
List of INGO Applications received
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